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Walking for exercise

July 16th, 2006 at 05:12 pm

This morning I went on my daily walk.Hope
it will help me loose some weight.
Right now I dont belong to a gym.
Cant spair the money.

Like yesterday I found
two more pennies for my penny jar.Also found a garden bed edger that someone had trown out with the trash...It look like it was pratley new.
Will use to start a new flower bed.

Walking help me to clear my head ,to relax,spend sometime in the great outdoor
and let My little dog Chance have some fun.
Anyone who ever walk a dog know that they
are very good at stoping and smelling the
roses as the saying go.
I dont mind it let me enjoy it all too.
Nothing like spending time with woman best friend.

If you have never been to the south in
the summertime you have no ideal what the
humidity hear is like.when you step out
side its like steping into a steamroom.
May be all that sweating will do me good.


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