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Spending out of controll

August 13th, 2006 at 11:48 am

Why is it so easy to spend money we don't

For we I know it has to do with all
my credit cards.For months now I have wonted
to freeze them in my freezer .It has now
gotten to the point where I have too.Last
month I did cancel one that was going to
start chargeing me a monthy fee for careing it.I don't wont to get rid of them
all, you never know when you might need
one for an ememergency.

The July statement from my Credit Union tell
me that I have spent $404.59 over what I
bring home each month.Total spent $1,153.61.
Total bring home each month only $749.02.
Back in april I let my income tax check be
deposted into my checking acount and I also withdrew $1,000.00 from saving and
added it to my checking acount because I
did'nt wont any checks to bounce.

It not like I live way above my mean. some
time I do let myself be tempted by sales
or go to wal-mart and come out with over
$100.00 worth of stuff that I needed or
had a coupon on.I also have a lot of nice
and nephew that I try to buy bithday gift
for.I also try to keep my little pantry

That was $400.00 that could have been put
into saving.

I wont to start living off cash so when
it run out there is nothing els to spend,
my credit cards get me in just to much

So my chaillenge is to stay within my buget of $749.00 and not use any of my
credit cards for the rest of the month.


my tiny home

August 12th, 2006 at 09:04 pm

Was hopeing to make this my second no spend
week but,only made it too day number nine.

I realy needed another bookcase.Have lots
of books but,only one of those short cases.
Put off buying one for many years.Had to
give in and get it.Only cost 29.98 at wal-
mart.It was one of those cheap one.would
have loved to have one that was real wood.

It is very hard living in a home with such
a lack of space.I have two very small bedrooms a kitchen and livingroom combo with
a tiny counter between them ,a tiny bathroom
without a linen closet,hall-landery room combo.
Kitchen with no built in pantry, make do
with one of those plasted shelfing unit.

I live in a small house tradler this is
the second one sence 1989 when I moved
into town.The first one was a older modle
that I had to get rid of about four years
ago.Bought this one new but,smaller did'nt
wont to get something I could'nt make the
payment on.Never had the down payment for
a real house but, with this house tradler
I was still able to have a little lot of
my own.That is the good part about it,and
I do own the lot payed cash for it in 1997
I have always been a great saver no mater
what I made.Payed 3,300.00 for the lot almost wiped out my saving.

Because of my health saving for retire
is top on my list when it come to saving
money so a real house may never be mine.
So I try every thing within my power to
make living hear in my tiny house tradler
a nice place to live.

So On I go with this strugger to retire early,live debt free ,and not have so
many money worries.

Thanks savingadvice for been hear for us



August 4th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

This has been a no spend week.Still good
on household goods and fresh food.

Will try for two keeks in a row.Can't think of anything that I need or just can't live without.

with only one person to cook for eat left
overs for a few days.and use freebies...
have a big box full...bodywash,soap,tooth
past,deodorant and the likes.

Have great value drink mix and soda that
was on sale a few weeks ago to drink.So
looking good for week two.

Will need to cut grass but,have gas left
over from last time.so wont need to buy.

Need to get spending undercontroll any
way.Tired of useing everything in checking
account to pay off credit cards bills
each month.

wont to save save save.


What a poor woman to do?

August 4th, 2006 at 08:24 pm

Have'nt been on line much this week ,gone
back to work full time, summer break over.
Never really had one myself....well I guess one week was a break.

Checking my eMail can't find any thing but,someone trying to part me from my momey.It sale every where I look.
What is a poor woman to do?
This place have 30% off,a nother 45% to 60%.Got to know that....a great deal is'nt
always...a great deal.

Need to keep what little money I have in my saving account.These company are always
trying to temp us with some deal or another.Need to know when to say noo.

Work too hard for the money to have it flow
though my fingers like that.


I get a pay check after sixty days

August 4th, 2006 at 05:30 pm

the first I started working on earning
some extra money to have a porch bult
onto my house.The end of June I do'nt see
a penny extra on my pay.The school have no
ideal what going on.So I waite and waite.
No one tell me from the start that this is
going to be a waiting game.
July come still I hear nothing.I make sure
my time sheet is turn in...and it is.I spend my whold summer vacation working to
earn this money and it take untill the
thirthy first of july to see any of it.

Wend your'er on a job over nine hours a day
and you can only keep your head above water it can get to you.Then to have them
keep you waiting sixty day can be a pain.

We were told that this year we will get
a raise every one is waiting for it with
bated breath.
Three years ago we got a five per cent
raise nothing sence then.Already they
are finding ways to take it back....
insurance is going up... can't win for

What does the state of Alabama care about
me and how I make it? Thank God for leting
me grow up with a mother who knows how to
pinch a penny and streach a dollar.

Iam so thankful that I have advice from
you all.