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My trip to CVS.

January 3rd, 2008 at 12:54 pm

I am a big fan of CVS.This week they have
a big sale on CVS brand products.It buy
one get one half price.I have RA so I am
in pain alot so I got some of thouse
arthritis heatwraps for my shoulder and
a jar of dry roasted peanut.

At check out the cash rester kicked out
some very nice coupons one was a 10:00
extra bucks,10:00 off 50:00,a 4:00 extra
buck,and three more.

I used the 14:00 extra
buck right away to buy five bottle of body
wash....two of the softsoap pure cashmere
and three of the new Dove creame oil,they
all had the 50% off sticker on them ,I al
so was able to get a 7.8 0z.tub of the
new Crest pro.health night toothpast.

I got all that for free and in the store I
found a rebate on the toothpast to get a
coupon for a free tub.I think that was a
best buy.

Happy New Year