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Problem giveing platlets

October 15th, 2006 at 05:43 am

When I was off tuesday I went to give blood
it something I have been doing now for over
ten years.For the past three years I have
been giveing platlet.

To give platlet it take two and a half to
three hours siting with a big needle stuck
in your arm.I started giveing platlet because it good for alot of sick people and
me too.For me it thin out my thick diabetes
and heart disease blood.It make it less stickly and prone to clot.

The blood center know about all my heaalth
problem and they still wont my blood.

The problem is this time and the last three
time I gave platlet the person really mess
up my arm I know have a very very large
bruse on my arm it very sore and has swollen up.

I now wonder if it safe for me to keep
doing this?I was thinking of only give
whole blood from now on or just stoping
give all togther.If any of you know if
this is save for me because of all my
health problem let me know?

I like to give to other if it
only blood and not money.I don't wont to give this up unless I have too.


This week

October 14th, 2006 at 08:59 pm

Enjoyed my three days off.Wish it had been
for the whole week.well we can't have everything can we?

Went shoping at wal-mart..found a loveseat
slipcover on sale for $11.00 was $49.94 it
was discontinted.Needed a can opener it was
$8.97.Bought a queen size flat sheet to use
on my double bed as a bed skirt it was
$10.97.My bed is exter high because Iam useing a riser under my bed so I can have extra under bed storage.

A day later I found a very nice bedskirt
at goodwill for $1.99..that was on sale
for .99 cent can't beat that.So the $10.97 sheet will go back to wal-mark.

Today I opened the window blinde to let in
the sun shine to chase away the chill in
the air...tradler are always chiller or
hoter than a house.

Did a lot of bakeing today so I won't have
to do so much cooking next week.The heat
from the oven was nice too.

Got some nice freebies in the mail this week.

Found .15 cent in street money not bad for
found money.Got to love free money.


kroger run

October 9th, 2006 at 02:50 pm

Needed a few things from kroger so walked to the store this morning.It was so nice and cool out didn't have to worry about burning
up.And was able to get some excrise too

Spent a little over $28.00 was able to use the $5.00 off $25.00 coupon that kroger had
sent me.
Bread,yougart,fresh veggie,oatmeal,soy burgers,can pineapple and coolwhip was on my
list of things needed.This was my first shoping trip in over two weeks.

Doing my best to stay out of Wal-mart that
place is a money pit.Can't be to hard on them though I did find a five shelve bookcase on sale about three weeks ago for $25.00 that I put in my
kitchen to use as a prantry.
It't working very nicely as a prantry too.

Will be cooking some of thouse veggie for
supper too.So I will be sing off now to
get started.


A raise ..it way past time for one.

October 7th, 2006 at 04:21 pm

Hellow everybody
Had no ideal it been over a month sence I last posted.Have had so many things going on in my life.

Glad to find the time to get back posting and being apart of this great group of people.Miss reading your blog to.

Belive it or not we all receive a little raise in our septmber check.For me I got Over $100.00 gross and took home $75.00 not much but,a little more to add to my saveing.

Still rakeing in the freebies...four new razer, not so sure about the Schick Intution
not as nice as I though it would be but,the other three was great.Two free diaper will give to neice she has a twelve
month old.Some good coupons and a few more
goodies.And way to many magzine.

If you all get an email from Stable be sure
to check it out.. they have five nice item
that you can get for free after the mail in and online rebate.Can be ordered online or picked up in the store.We don't
have a Stable hear in my town or the next town over so I will put my order in online
well that is a good way to save on gas.
They have a cordless phone;modem for your
pc;an accounting program;an internet se-
curity packet can't think what els ,might
only be four item not five.Very good deal

Hear in Alabama well in my little town the
schools kids are out for fall break......
that mean no work for me untill thursday.
Iam doing the happy dance.yea yea.

Was given a big bag of apple by one of the
teacher on friday so I will be eating free
fruit for a while.I like apples hope they
will keep for the next few weeks.

It feel so good writing again I realy miss