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Flower pot

July 25th, 2006 at 09:12 pm

Walked over an hour today.
Today was another no spend day.
At work alot of the teacher are coming back
to get there rooms ready.One of them gave
me a nice flower pot.Need to repot one of my
plants any way.Teacher are allways getting
gifts that they dont need.I have gotten plenty of nice things because of that.
It has rained four days in a row so I havent
needed to water my garden for a while.and
the rain water has to be good for the veggie.The cherry tomatoes are so good I
have gotten a few okra too.
No bills today.So nice


Save big time moweing my own grass

July 22nd, 2006 at 09:34 am

Always wake up early if I have to work or
not. Went back to sleep stayed in bed un
till 8.00 this morning.
Wont have to walk today just in from moweing my grass it took me over two hours to
do it. Yes with a gas mower...lot size
54x159 not very big but, still alot of grass.Did'nt take any breaks ...that why
I am so tired.Grass has'nt been cut in
three or four weeks...my foot problem is
one reasion.
I am the only woman in my neighborhood
who mowe her own grass.I feel that if I
am able to I should do it myself ...save
myself 50.00..and get lot and lots of
Yes 50.00 that is a lot of money to pay
someone to do what I can do on my own.
I'll keep that 50.00 in my pocket.
Long as I am heathy will do all that I
can on my own.



July 20th, 2006 at 05:53 pm

Today the dry spell ended I cant remeber
the last time it rained.
I wont have to water my gardens veggie and flower.They are a lot of work but,I
get some fresh food and some nice flowers.

I try not to worry about the water bill.
It worth it to have garden fresh veggies.

In this hot weather it wont take long
for every thing to dry up and die without

Thank God for the rain.