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Comeback Girl

December 30th, 2007 at 04:01 pm

I have so miss you all.Need to get back into
the swing of thing.Sorry I let my blog get
put on the retired list.

Catch up.
Haven't worked in a few weeks because of
health problem,my doctor won't to put me on
disability ,not sure what to do about that.

Still doing rebates,just sent off three in the last few days.

Got a 20:00 check from Walgreens for having
a rx moved from another drug store, on a lot of meds because of my many health problems.
Was able to get a few freebies.

Wild after christmas shopping at CVS they had most of there holiday deco on sale ...
if the price was 3.99,5.99,8.99 the sale
price was .39,.59,and.89,cent got some
fancy lights and some solid brass candle
lamps to put in my windows.Most places
only had 25 to 50 percent off.

Still sending for freebies and doing every
thing I can to save a little money where I can.

I wont to keep this blog up and visit this
site more often.


Last pay dayI

January 23rd, 2007 at 10:00 pm

It hard trying to live on a once a month
pay check.This month has been driffrent
because school was out early in december.

We got payed on the 20th of december and
wont see another pay check untill the end
of january.

Payed off what bills that I could the
other will have to wate.

Only use the credit card twice to restock.
Fresh veggies,fruit,soymilk,bread and soyburger.

So I almost have two weeks where I haven't
spent a penny.Well I don't have a penny
to spend.

Walking alot but,don't think I have lost
so much as a ounce.Will keep at it for
my health.

Freebies and rebate checks plus other
goodies has been filling my mailbox.


Happy New Year

December 31st, 2006 at 07:42 pm

Happy New Year

Have'nt posted for sometime now.In and out
of the doctor office.Doing ok now.

Will try to keep up to date on thing.

Have had a nice time off work.Go back on
Jan 3rd.

Need to jump back in with both feet...miss
geting a freebie every day and miss you all to.

May you all have a blessed and happy new

Love Flinnie

Five day holiday

November 22nd, 2006 at 01:48 pm

Was thinking of going shoping today but,stay
ed home to hang out and just relax.

So nice to have a long weekend off.This job do have a lot of good thing going for it
the pay could be better but,I'm very thankful to have a job with such good insurence and other benefits.

Life is good I have so much to be thankful

I'm glad to have saveing advice in my life

Happy Thankgiveing to you all.


great finds

November 10th, 2006 at 01:08 pm

Went shoping at CVS they had four or five
buggies that was full of discounted stuff
halloween candy,all kind of stuff for halloween.

A lot of garden needs and the like I was'nt tempted by any of that stuff, what
cought my eyes was the many packs of my
favoret soft drink mix Crystal Light.

Need less to say I grabed up all that was in thouse buggies.There was ten... eight quart packs at only $1.49 each.A saveing
of over half off.There was also three... boxes of the Crystal Light On The Go ten
packets that was also only $1.49.

What a great deal.

What I drink most of the time is the
Wal-mart Great Value soft drink mix it
cost $1.89 for a twelve quarts pack.I was
down to my last two 12 quarts packs.

Now I wont have to buy soft drink mix for
a while.

All the Crystal Light packs had a xpg date
of 11Nov07.So they was all good.

I did give in and buy a bag of candy at
half price too.The candy was $1.49 too.


This week

October 14th, 2006 at 08:59 pm

Enjoyed my three days off.Wish it had been
for the whole week.well we can't have everything can we?

Went shoping at wal-mart..found a loveseat
slipcover on sale for $11.00 was $49.94 it
was discontinted.Needed a can opener it was
$8.97.Bought a queen size flat sheet to use
on my double bed as a bed skirt it was
$10.97.My bed is exter high because Iam useing a riser under my bed so I can have extra under bed storage.

A day later I found a very nice bedskirt
at goodwill for $1.99..that was on sale
for .99 cent can't beat that.So the $10.97 sheet will go back to wal-mark.

Today I opened the window blinde to let in
the sun shine to chase away the chill in
the air...tradler are always chiller or
hoter than a house.

Did a lot of bakeing today so I won't have
to do so much cooking next week.The heat
from the oven was nice too.

Got some nice freebies in the mail this week.

Found .15 cent in street money not bad for
found money.Got to love free money.


kroger run

October 9th, 2006 at 02:50 pm

Needed a few things from kroger so walked to the store this morning.It was so nice and cool out didn't have to worry about burning
up.And was able to get some excrise too

Spent a little over $28.00 was able to use the $5.00 off $25.00 coupon that kroger had
sent me.
Bread,yougart,fresh veggie,oatmeal,soy burgers,can pineapple and coolwhip was on my
list of things needed.This was my first shoping trip in over two weeks.

Doing my best to stay out of Wal-mart that
place is a money pit.Can't be to hard on them though I did find a five shelve bookcase on sale about three weeks ago for $25.00 that I put in my
kitchen to use as a prantry.
It't working very nicely as a prantry too.

Will be cooking some of thouse veggie for
supper too.So I will be sing off now to
get started.


A raise ..it way past time for one.

October 7th, 2006 at 04:21 pm

Hellow everybody
Had no ideal it been over a month sence I last posted.Have had so many things going on in my life.

Glad to find the time to get back posting and being apart of this great group of people.Miss reading your blog to.

Belive it or not we all receive a little raise in our septmber check.For me I got Over $100.00 gross and took home $75.00 not much but,a little more to add to my saveing.

Still rakeing in the freebies...four new razer, not so sure about the Schick Intution
not as nice as I though it would be but,the other three was great.Two free diaper will give to neice she has a twelve
month old.Some good coupons and a few more
goodies.And way to many magzine.

If you all get an email from Stable be sure
to check it out.. they have five nice item
that you can get for free after the mail in and online rebate.Can be ordered online or picked up in the store.We don't
have a Stable hear in my town or the next town over so I will put my order in online
well that is a good way to save on gas.
They have a cordless phone;modem for your
pc;an accounting program;an internet se-
curity packet can't think what els ,might
only be four item not five.Very good deal

Hear in Alabama well in my little town the
schools kids are out for fall break......
that mean no work for me untill thursday.
Iam doing the happy dance.yea yea.

Was given a big bag of apple by one of the
teacher on friday so I will be eating free
fruit for a while.I like apples hope they
will keep for the next few weeks.

It feel so good writing again I realy miss


Spending out of controll

August 13th, 2006 at 11:48 am

Why is it so easy to spend money we don't

For we I know it has to do with all
my credit cards.For months now I have wonted
to freeze them in my freezer .It has now
gotten to the point where I have too.Last
month I did cancel one that was going to
start chargeing me a monthy fee for careing it.I don't wont to get rid of them
all, you never know when you might need
one for an ememergency.

The July statement from my Credit Union tell
me that I have spent $404.59 over what I
bring home each month.Total spent $1,153.61.
Total bring home each month only $749.02.
Back in april I let my income tax check be
deposted into my checking acount and I also withdrew $1,000.00 from saving and
added it to my checking acount because I
did'nt wont any checks to bounce.

It not like I live way above my mean. some
time I do let myself be tempted by sales
or go to wal-mart and come out with over
$100.00 worth of stuff that I needed or
had a coupon on.I also have a lot of nice
and nephew that I try to buy bithday gift
for.I also try to keep my little pantry

That was $400.00 that could have been put
into saving.

I wont to start living off cash so when
it run out there is nothing els to spend,
my credit cards get me in just to much

So my chaillenge is to stay within my buget of $749.00 and not use any of my
credit cards for the rest of the month.


What a poor woman to do?

August 4th, 2006 at 08:24 pm

Have'nt been on line much this week ,gone
back to work full time, summer break over.
Never really had one myself....well I guess one week was a break.

Checking my eMail can't find any thing but,someone trying to part me from my momey.It sale every where I look.
What is a poor woman to do?
This place have 30% off,a nother 45% to 60%.Got to know that....a great deal is'nt
always...a great deal.

Need to keep what little money I have in my saving account.These company are always
trying to temp us with some deal or another.Need to know when to say noo.

Work too hard for the money to have it flow
though my fingers like that.


Raining cats and dogs

July 30th, 2006 at 10:27 am

Got up early to go for a walk but,started
raining befor I could get out of the door.My garden will be good to go for a while.Plus all the free rain water that I
am catching off the roof.
It has cooled off so much I will be able to do a lot of cooking without heating up
the house so much.Will bake sweetpototoes,muffins and casorole will
have food cooked for this week.
I think I will open up doors and windows..
have'nt done that in a while.Nice to let
in some fresh air.
Glad it not thundering and lighting dog
would have a fit.
Hope to walk later on today.Now on with that bakeing.Nothing like fresh baked food
Always take my lunch to work,the muffen
will give me something diffrent for
breakfast.Even though I like cereal so
much.Plain on having a no spend week.There
are no doctor visits and I should be good
to go food and household wise.


this week

July 29th, 2006 at 10:58 pm

Walked over an hour today.
This has been a so so thrifty week.
Spent twenty doller at the foot doctor again.
He tell me that it will take a very long time for my foot to heal.I had no ideal that
a fracture bone was so slow to heal.
Bought a few supplies needed soy milk,bread,fruit,can tomatoes..fresn ones are for soy bacon,lettice,and tomatoes sandwish.Eat cereal every day so got two more
boxes they were on sale and I also receved
one of those one dollar coupon good on next oder.Spent around twehty three doller for food.I know that I have enough food in storage to last a while.So will be very careful to only buy what is needed.Just
frest food as it run out.
Teacher are coming back to get ther rooms
ready.They all know that I recyle cans so
this week I took home a big bag full.
One even chared her garden bounty with me
tomatoes..she also gave me a big stack of
coupons sheets..will need to start cutting
them out