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$80.00 in free groceries

November 5th, 2006 at 12:38 pm

A week or two ago I got this coupon from
Kroger...fill three prescription at the kroger pharmacy and....get $60.00 in free

So for I have gotten $40.00 in free food all
you have to do is buy $20.00 or more in groceries and it will come up when your food
is rung up.

This is a great coupon not sure if it was in
the sunday paper or some other speacial mailing.

I do have a lot of health problem the last
time I visit my doctor he gave me three new
prescriptions at once but,the coupon give you three months to fill thouse prescriptions.

I also have another coupon from Kroger it
get $20.00 in free groceries by haveing a
prescription transfer to a kroger pharmacy
from another pharmacy.Yea.

I will do that
from CVS when I have use up the other
$20.00 in free food.

It is so nice to get free stuff now free
food by doing what you would do anyway.


When do you say no to a freebie?

July 24th, 2006 at 08:06 pm

Yesterday I started gathering all the
magazine I had so that I could give them
to the Thrift Store.Today Iam still at it.
I love to read..I will get in line behind
someone with a cart full of food just so
I can read a magazine that I do'nt have
the money for.
As I was gathering the magazine that I
have stacked up all over my small house.
It come to me that I have a lot of diffrent magazine so at last count it is over twenty.
Most are free subscription three or four
I payed 3.98 to 4.98 for a year.They are
stacked up because I never have the time to get around to all of them.
Tell me who need or even wont twenty maga-
zine a month? Maybe six at the most.
This has taken getting a freebie out of
hand. So when do you say no to a freebie?
My house is clutter with magazine I do'nt
enjoy because I never have the time to
read them.
Do I love getting a freebie so much that
I will put up with all this clutter?
It is time to pick and choose only what I
will use and enjoy and be happy to let
the rest go.
Freebies are a good thing but,you do have
to khow when to say no.