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Last pay dayI

January 23rd, 2007 at 10:00 pm

It hard trying to live on a once a month
pay check.This month has been driffrent
because school was out early in december.

We got payed on the 20th of december and
wont see another pay check untill the end
of january.

Payed off what bills that I could the
other will have to wate.

Only use the credit card twice to restock.
Fresh veggies,fruit,soymilk,bread and soyburger.

So I almost have two weeks where I haven't
spent a penny.Well I don't have a penny
to spend.

Walking alot but,don't think I have lost
so much as a ounce.Will keep at it for
my health.

Freebies and rebate checks plus other
goodies has been filling my mailbox.


Another $20.00 added.

January 15th, 2007 at 08:01 am

I have a lot of health problem from heart
to rheumatoid arthritis to both feet hurting all the time enought abouth that.

Kroger had this thing going about...having
a few prescription filled and for each one
they will give you a $20.00 credit to your

I had five filled for $100.00 they all
were for meds that I need everyday.

Off work today... MLK Day.. so for I have
only layed around and rested.Need to wash
dishes and do a little cleaning around
the house.

Have been devidening my plants so I can have
more in a less expenceses way.House plants
is one of the things I realy enjoy.

Also trying to loose a little weight that
will be very hard can't walk the way I
use too,but will give it my best try.

Wish me well.