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Doctor visit

July 17th, 2006 at 08:45 pm

This is the third time I have been to see
a doctor this month.And it only the 17.
I have a few health problem.Today was just a checkup.Blood was drawn to check
my A1C,blood sugar and cholesterol.
I have diabetics and a heart problem plus arthritis.And need to loose weight.Hurt my foot in may ...just walking. Enough
of that.
My job dont pay much but ,the insurance
only cost me 2.00 a month.Plus I pay 20.00
copay on the doctor visit.
While I was out stop by CVS picked up two boxes of Golean cereal,two 4 pk of Advant
Edge protein meal replacement,Herbal essences new smampoo and conditioner all
on sale and with coupons.Two pk of Bayer
asprin with try me free coupons.Plus use one of those CVS 4.00 off 20.00 coupon.

I think all in all this was a good shoping
trip.saved 13.00 on 25.00...Over half.
yea... doing the happy dance.


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