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July 21st, 2006 at 09:08 pm

Got a chance to walk twice today.You would
think that I might loose a pound or two.
I only wish.
Receved a few freebies in the mail today.
Only one bill.
This was another no spend day... fourth in a row.
Next week I go back to work full time.
School start Aug the 7.Dont know if Iam ready for all thouse little ones to come
back but,
I always tell myself that I would not have
a job if they did'nt make a mess all the
time.So I should be happy that kids are so
messy.Someone got to clean it up....
why not me.

I needed a job,everyone is nice ..when I
worked in those restaurants I was not
happy at all.Worked every weekend and at
night that was the pits.


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