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No spend day

July 22nd, 2006 at 09:22 pm

To day was a no spend day.Can't last to
long receive third bill in the mail today.
Freebies too...Oasis mouthwash,Keep your
pet healthy cd from Hill's Scence Diet,
and coupons.
More rain today very much needed .It has
been so dry hear.Also able to save on water
bill too...did'nt have to water my gardens.

Wanted to walk but,could'nt because of the
rain,it really poured .Still a nice day though.

was'nt able to do all I had planed today..
it has to wait now.

Saved a few more cherry tomatoes from the
birds,they are so good.With all this rain
my garden might do a little better now
hope so.

My brother is a much better gardener than
Iam so for this year have receved free...
corn,tomatoes,squash,peaches,and now watermelon...
thanks big brother.


1 Responses to “No spend day”

  1. Lady Jennelle Says:

    Mmmm ... watermelon [I love it!]

    Think your brother would adopt me? *Grin*



    Good job with the no-spend day! Smile

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