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July 23rd, 2006 at 01:40 pm

Walked for over an hour this morning.Felt
good outside after not walking satur
day...because of the rain.Cooled off for
a little while.Save on power bill..... aircondionter stop running so much.
Did'nt last long sun back out hot as ever.

where has the weekend gone? Time wait on
no man.So much to do and no time to do it.

Need to gather all old magzine to be recycle. will give to Thrift store they
sell them for .50 a pice.Receave six to eight mag a month.Most free other only
3.98 to 4.98 per sub.Do'nt think I'll
renew them all next year just too much to read at once.

Dont know much about pc so will keep
Computer shopper coming get it free.

When you live in a small house it do'nt
take much for it to get cluttered so
you have to keep things moving.
It eather sell or give away what you do'nt love or is not beautiful.

Have to cook so I'll have food for lunch
this week...back to school for me.The
kitchen staff and teachers will be back on
the 31 of july.Have to get everything
ready for the little ones...preK-second
grader.August the 11 is D day.

This year will be our first no tax on school supplies everyone wont to get in on that.Might get a few needed things for
myself we'll see.


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