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When do you say no to a freebie?

July 24th, 2006 at 08:06 pm

Yesterday I started gathering all the
magazine I had so that I could give them
to the Thrift Store.Today Iam still at it.
I love to read..I will get in line behind
someone with a cart full of food just so
I can read a magazine that I do'nt have
the money for.
As I was gathering the magazine that I
have stacked up all over my small house.
It come to me that I have a lot of diffrent magazine so at last count it is over twenty.
Most are free subscription three or four
I payed 3.98 to 4.98 for a year.They are
stacked up because I never have the time to get around to all of them.
Tell me who need or even wont twenty maga-
zine a month? Maybe six at the most.
This has taken getting a freebie out of
hand. So when do you say no to a freebie?
My house is clutter with magazine I do'nt
enjoy because I never have the time to
read them.
Do I love getting a freebie so much that
I will put up with all this clutter?
It is time to pick and choose only what I
will use and enjoy and be happy to let
the rest go.
Freebies are a good thing but,you do have
to khow when to say no.


5 Responses to “When do you say no to a freebie?”

  1. beans6 Says:

    I have just as many subscriptions.I keep 3 boxes in my laundry room.One is for books for the library,one is a box for a friend & the other one is to keep.I get so many mostly for coupons.But to be honest I think my postman hates me.

  2. yummy64 Says:

    I say no to free stuff all the time. Unless I know someone who wants it, or I am likely to use it I just don't bother. Magazines - I pay for subscriptions for the few I want to read and ignore the rest.

    I likely sign up for about 1/10 of the freebees out there. Maybe less. I still get lots of great mail and less to go in the trasah

    Reduce Reuse Recycle.

  3. baselle Says:

    I'm learning that if you love to read magazines, there's always the library. Truly free and you can put them back not in your house! Seriously, even if its "free" , think about time and storage costs. Free might not be so free.

  4. campfrugal Says:

    We ended up with a lot of magazine subscriptions due to my mom's address being changed to mine in her last months of her life. I just cancelled three subscriptions. All of the magazines that I have received, read and are now through with, I take to my Church's large paper/magazine recycle bin. It gives extra money for the Church. I usually don't go for the free stuff unless I can use it. Although, some free stuff I collect and donate to the less fortunate at Christmas. The Walmart samples and similar kind of stuff makes a great basket for the family we choose to help out from our local school district and Church.

  5. contrary1 Says:

    I'm getting close to a major magazine decision here too. I had been given a subscription as a gift when our house closed, wouldn't read it free at a library and now I have one..... Plus I've garnered some from somewhere I've signed up for things. Don't remember the magazine subscriptions, so they sort of snuck in here somehow. I'm not paying for them, I do know that.

    But, the question is now........what to do with them? I have them in a big basket, thinking I'll offer them to freecycle. But, I'm pretty sure there aren't enough to make it worth someones time and gas at this point. Another month maybe? I really hate magazines laying around the house.....and I read so fast there is no point in me having magazines as something to read. They really are just clutter here.

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