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this week

July 29th, 2006 at 10:58 pm

Walked over an hour today.
This has been a so so thrifty week.
Spent twenty doller at the foot doctor again.
He tell me that it will take a very long time for my foot to heal.I had no ideal that
a fracture bone was so slow to heal.
Bought a few supplies needed soy milk,bread,fruit,can tomatoes..fresn ones are for soy bacon,lettice,and tomatoes sandwish.Eat cereal every day so got two more
boxes they were on sale and I also receved
one of those one dollar coupon good on next oder.Spent around twehty three doller for food.I know that I have enough food in storage to last a while.So will be very careful to only buy what is needed.Just
frest food as it run out.
Teacher are coming back to get ther rooms
ready.They all know that I recyle cans so
this week I took home a big bag full.
One even chared her garden bounty with me
tomatoes..she also gave me a big stack of
coupons sheets..will need to start cutting
them out

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