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Raining cats and dogs

July 30th, 2006 at 10:27 am

Got up early to go for a walk but,started
raining befor I could get out of the door.My garden will be good to go for a while.Plus all the free rain water that I
am catching off the roof.
It has cooled off so much I will be able to do a lot of cooking without heating up
the house so much.Will bake sweetpototoes,muffins and casorole will
have food cooked for this week.
I think I will open up doors and windows..
have'nt done that in a while.Nice to let
in some fresh air.
Glad it not thundering and lighting dog
would have a fit.
Hope to walk later on today.Now on with that bakeing.Nothing like fresh baked food
Always take my lunch to work,the muffen
will give me something diffrent for
breakfast.Even though I like cereal so
much.Plain on having a no spend week.There
are no doctor visits and I should be good
to go food and household wise.


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