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August 4th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

This has been a no spend week.Still good
on household goods and fresh food.

Will try for two keeks in a row.Can't think of anything that I need or just can't live without.

with only one person to cook for eat left
overs for a few days.and use freebies...
have a big box full...bodywash,soap,tooth
past,deodorant and the likes.

Have great value drink mix and soda that
was on sale a few weeks ago to drink.So
looking good for week two.

Will need to cut grass but,have gas left
over from last time.so wont need to buy.

Need to get spending undercontroll any
way.Tired of useing everything in checking
account to pay off credit cards bills
each month.

wont to save save save.


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