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What a poor woman to do?

August 4th, 2006 at 08:24 pm

Have'nt been on line much this week ,gone
back to work full time, summer break over.
Never really had one myself....well I guess one week was a break.

Checking my eMail can't find any thing but,someone trying to part me from my momey.It sale every where I look.
What is a poor woman to do?
This place have 30% off,a nother 45% to 60%.Got to know that....a great deal is'nt
always...a great deal.

Need to keep what little money I have in my saving account.These company are always
trying to temp us with some deal or another.Need to know when to say noo.

Work too hard for the money to have it flow
though my fingers like that.


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