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my tiny home

August 12th, 2006 at 09:04 pm

Was hopeing to make this my second no spend
week but,only made it too day number nine.

I realy needed another bookcase.Have lots
of books but,only one of those short cases.
Put off buying one for many years.Had to
give in and get it.Only cost 29.98 at wal-
mart.It was one of those cheap one.would
have loved to have one that was real wood.

It is very hard living in a home with such
a lack of space.I have two very small bedrooms a kitchen and livingroom combo with
a tiny counter between them ,a tiny bathroom
without a linen closet,hall-landery room combo.
Kitchen with no built in pantry, make do
with one of those plasted shelfing unit.

I live in a small house tradler this is
the second one sence 1989 when I moved
into town.The first one was a older modle
that I had to get rid of about four years
ago.Bought this one new but,smaller did'nt
wont to get something I could'nt make the
payment on.Never had the down payment for
a real house but, with this house tradler
I was still able to have a little lot of
my own.That is the good part about it,and
I do own the lot payed cash for it in 1997
I have always been a great saver no mater
what I made.Payed 3,300.00 for the lot almost wiped out my saving.

Because of my health saving for retire
is top on my list when it come to saving
money so a real house may never be mine.
So I try every thing within my power to
make living hear in my tiny house tradler
a nice place to live.

So On I go with this strugger to retire early,live debt free ,and not have so
many money worries.

Thanks savingadvice for been hear for us


4 Responses to “my tiny home”

  1. jacquelynrose Says:

    Flinnie I hear you about the bookcase! I am looking for a good size one myself. Smile

  2. jacquelynrose Says:

    Trailer, House whatever its YOURS and you live in it how you like! Big Grin

  3. englishrose Says:

    Hey, I'd love to live in a trailer, I think they are so cosy. Yes lack of space but what the heck it's yours!!

  4. ummabdullah Says:

    don't worry flinnie.......

    I live in england.. with no closets in my tiny 2 bed terrace house. They don't put closets in the bedrooms and you have to buy these big hefty wardrobes...to put your clothes somewhere.. A linen closet, whats that??? I put my towels in my kitchen along with my space saving vacuum, toilet paper, curling irons and makeup..

    My sister lives in a 1 bed trailer in california with more storage space than me.. And she is practically homeless!!

    Come to england.. for a bit love.. you'll feel alot better about living in a tiny american trailer.. And grateful to be american.

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