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I got my summer pay?

September 3rd, 2006 at 02:07 pm

Instead of takeing time off this summer to rest and relax I took on a summer job at my
work place to make some exter money to have
a porch built on to my tradler.It was a good
ideal but,I did'nt make as much money as I though I would.

I worked for six weeks...six and a half hours five days a week for way less than

My job as a school custodian has
only two good things about it...one I don'
have to work on the weekend or most holydays
and two the insurance ..that I only pay two dollar a month for.

Thank God for that insurance my five to six hour
stay in the hospital for the Heart Cat was
over $12,000.00.

I do need a better job but,I only finish
high school and what I have had traineing
for is cooking the jobs I have had in restaurants havent payed much eather and
the insurance is to high too buy. So with
my healthy issues I do need good insurance
That leave me between a rock and a hard

I will put this money in saveing.

I havent
forgotten my screenedin porch it will be
like haveing a extra room added on to my
tradler that I can enjoy most of the year
hear in the south.Will put it on the back
buner for now.Next time I will have extra
money will be tax time.

Well I take that back the state of alabama
might be giving us a raise and if I do get
a raise it will go into saveing too.Always
pay yourself first, off the top befor you see the money and you wont miss it.

I am happy to be back miss my posting and
reading your too.


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