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This week

October 14th, 2006 at 08:59 pm

Enjoyed my three days off.Wish it had been
for the whole week.well we can't have everything can we?

Went shoping at wal-mart..found a loveseat
slipcover on sale for $11.00 was $49.94 it
was discontinted.Needed a can opener it was
$8.97.Bought a queen size flat sheet to use
on my double bed as a bed skirt it was
$10.97.My bed is exter high because Iam useing a riser under my bed so I can have extra under bed storage.

A day later I found a very nice bedskirt
at goodwill for $1.99..that was on sale
for .99 cent can't beat that.So the $10.97 sheet will go back to wal-mark.

Today I opened the window blinde to let in
the sun shine to chase away the chill in
the air...tradler are always chiller or
hoter than a house.

Did a lot of bakeing today so I won't have
to do so much cooking next week.The heat
from the oven was nice too.

Got some nice freebies in the mail this week.

Found .15 cent in street money not bad for
found money.Got to love free money.


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