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Problem giveing platlets

October 15th, 2006 at 05:43 am

When I was off tuesday I went to give blood
it something I have been doing now for over
ten years.For the past three years I have
been giveing platlet.

To give platlet it take two and a half to
three hours siting with a big needle stuck
in your arm.I started giveing platlet because it good for alot of sick people and
me too.For me it thin out my thick diabetes
and heart disease blood.It make it less stickly and prone to clot.

The blood center know about all my heaalth
problem and they still wont my blood.

The problem is this time and the last three
time I gave platlet the person really mess
up my arm I know have a very very large
bruse on my arm it very sore and has swollen up.

I now wonder if it safe for me to keep
doing this?I was thinking of only give
whole blood from now on or just stoping
give all togther.If any of you know if
this is save for me because of all my
health problem let me know?

I like to give to other if it
only blood and not money.I don't wont to give this up unless I have too.


2 Responses to “Problem giveing platlets”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Can you phone them and ask to talk to a nurse about this? Usually the donation programs have registered nurse on staff and I'm sure they could run though what is going on with you. Legal liability and all that - if its bad for you they aren't going to want you to donate.

    I did donate plasma, platelets and blood (I remember as giving platelets and plasma and watching a movie for a couple hours) but then they changed the rules and I can't donate anymore. That still annoys me but I guess they have to be super safe.

  2. flinnie Says:

    Did call them tuesday late befor they close.Told them every thing.
    She told me to use ice on my arm and take tylenol did that but,my
    arm just got worst.

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